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What We Do

FULL DAY of Handyman services. Do you have a leaky toilet? A light switch that doesn't work? A ceiling fan that needs to be replaced? Well, make a list. Our RE-PAIR services will knock out all the jobs on your to-do list that need to be done before your home is listed.


You will get one handyman equipped with the knowledge and tools to complete nearly any task in your home. This service is booked by the day, meaning you get a guaranteed 8 hours of handyman service for your home!

Check the list below to see if your home needs any of the following. If you need something repaired that is not listed below, give us a call, and we will make arrangements to get it fixed for you.

Running toilets
Running faucets
New bathroom hardware
Furniture assembly
Broken ceiling fans
Minor electrical
Sticky doors
Drywall repair
Broken window repair
Minor plumbing repair
Broken sprinkler head
Minor carpentry
Minor appliance repair
Fence and gate repair

During the service day, the repairman will start with the most critical tasks to the homeowner and work his way down the list until the day is over. If you need more than one day of service, add multiple RE-PAIR services, and we can schedule them consecutively or add more than one handyman on one day.

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